Inside the cemeteries are some great artistic works in stone that usually go unnoticed: authentic hidden art, made by architects and sculptors of great prestige.

Family pantheons are designed with great dedication to honor deceased loved ones. Some have been standing for several hundred years without having received any preventive maintenance or restoration process, resulting in visible and sometimes dangerous deterioration.

The Instituto de Restauración del Patrimonio of the Universitat Politècnica de València will be in charge of carrying out a thorough intervention of rehabilitation and putting in value of one of the pantheons located in the General Cemetery of València.

It is a pantheon of 1895 created by the architect Gerardo Roig Gimeno and attributed to the sculptor Antonio Cánova.

The intervention will consist of several works. On the one hand, the structure and its watertightness will be protected by acting in the subsoil. On the other, it will act on the sculptures, as the one of the angel made of Carrara marble which is in attitude of mourning, doing a thorough analysis of the pathologies that it can suffer and acting accordingly.

The work, commissioned by the family that owns the Pantheon, will be carried out in the most respectful way for the family, for those who have been buried there and for the whole cemetery.

Las Provincias: “Panteones en el olvido”